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Tuesday August 17, 2021


MC JUNE will be present at the event: SLAM TON FESTIVAL in St-Fabien from August 19 to 22, 2021.
It's open to the public.

In Saint-Fabien, two artists in love with this auratory art (Gervais Bergeron, author, composer and slammer) and Caroline Jacques (Visual artist and second-hand slam artist) started the first Slam Festival in their small village in Bas- Saint Laurent. Indeed, after a festive and non-competitive game in the summer of 2019, they noticed that the enthusiasm for the Slam was such that people were ready to come to our small village of Saint-Fabien, located at 30 minutes from Rimouski and Trois-Pistoles. Thanks to the unwavering support of the Vieux-Théâtre de Saint-Fabien team and the municipality, they set the "festival" machine in motion.


Their goal in starting this festival was that slam, this art of speech proclaimed with commitment, can live outside the competition. Saint-Fabien, a village on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, separated from it by a huge rocky wall. In this territory, before them, Raoul Roy compiled folk songs and performed them in the song box that he erected in 1981 in Saint-Fabien sur mer "Le Pirate". In short, Raoul Roy was a true ambassador of the sung heritage. Then, Jovette Bernier, poet, novelist and journalist (whose book "The disappointing chair" was indexed), before them traced the furrow of poetry in this village. All this and the fact that in Bas-Saint-Laurent the slam scene cracks the walls of the micro-brewery that welcomes its followers, made it so that we decided to have a SLAM festival, the first in Quebec, the alone until now. We started this festival in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.

In short, we will be happy to tell you more about the first slam festival in Quebec born in the midst of a pandemic. We are proud to say that our Festival made it possible to have slam recognized and subsidized by the CALQ for the first time in 2020. Indeed, since the Old theater of Saint-Fabien is already recognized by the community, it has helped our citizens' initiative to obtain rapid recognition. This institution has been the winner of the Rideaux awards several times, and our Festival, for its first edition, was in the running for a "pandemic initiatives" award for a Rideau award. Finally, we believe that we can give the Slam the rise it deserves, since we are a professional and conscientious team. Slammers are artists, we are proud to be able to highlight them during our festival, but also during our “Pirates” evenings, on our website, our Facebook page, Instagram as well as on our Youtube channel. We have created small discovered capsules from the 2020 capture.


Finally, Saint-Fabien is a land that has seen great people walk: from Vigneault to Gauthier, from Roy to Riopelle, from Guy Sanche to Jovette Bernier, worse well known others, worse not known who have shaped this part of the country. with heart and dedication. The festival that is emerging at the moment, in our village, will allow this art of Slam to take an innovative form, that of a real oratory, staged in the territory.


It will be our pleasure to welcome you to us with your words!

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