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  • 4 Oct24

    Festival International de Slam de poésie en Acadie

    Moncton. N-B


MC JUNE spent his youth in Montreal and its suburbs. Very quickly, he stood out for his passion for words and his interest in rhythmic improvisations (freestyle). Rap and poetry have filled a large part of his universe for over 25 years. Author, composer and performer, MC JUNE is also a poet, slammer, rapper, host, speaker and event organizer. He has three albums to his credit and Info-Culture will give a very favorable review of his first opus: “With this bouquet of sung or recited themes, we can say that we have a new prodigy for slam and rap. A champion of marginality who knows how to stand out in his artistic approach...".

After his victory in the final of the Throw Collective Poetry Slam in 2011 and his participation in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, he multiplied performances across Canada. He performs at the Frye Festival, the Caraquet Poetry Festival, the Festival La crue des mots du Bas St-Laurent as well as at Place des Arts in Montreal. In 2013, MC June published her first collection of poetry Take My Life in Hand with Perce-Neige Editions. In 2017 and 2018, the artist went on tours in Europe and Asia. Upon his return, he launched his second album Vérités, released on April 15, 2017. His most recent musical project was released in 2019, an EP with the collaboration of Jean-Michel Frederick and DJ Horg. A close friend of the Urban Science collective, MC June loves rhyming improvisation and collective creation. On stage, this sensitive artist unpretentiously reveals his vision of the world in poetry.
In his career, he has had the opportunity to participate in numerous book fairs. The artist has offered more than 2,000 workshops/conferences and more than 350 shows. The year 2020 marks a renewal for the poet who sets out to conquer the Eastern Townships. In his host village, Austin, he can refine his pen, create new material and connect with nature. During the pandemic, the artist uses creativity and develops a project of workshops and conferences offered virtually.

MC JUNE has added a new string to his bow; the guitar. This instrument enriches the artist's performances by bringing a new dimension to his words. He produced a second collection of poetry, but this time illustrated Le corps de l’ombre published by Bouton d’or Acadie 2020.

Member of the Austin cultural committee, MC JUNE is now the founder of a new event, the Slam Rap Poésie & Cie Festival. A festival which is very successful in 2023 and which is set to continue. MC JUNE also stands out for his talent in artist management and production. His vast experience and versatility allow him to occupy a unique place in the artistic community.