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  • 30 Sep23

    Animation journée de la culture

    Austin, QC


Originally from Montréal, MC June spends a good part of his youth between Québec's metropolis and Châteauguay, in the Montérégie. Very quickly, his passion for words and his interest in freestyle impro will make him stand out from the teenagers of the same age. No doubt, the essence of is life is poetry and music.


In 2009, this Montrealer in his early thirties sees his dream come true. He now can make a living out of his art and fully develop his creativity in the artistic community. Nothing can slow him down. His sponsors believe in him and see in him a sure talent.


Poet, artist and member of the collective Kalmunity, MC June reveals his vision of the world on October 1, 2013 in a modest and sensitive way and he spontaneously shares his thoughts in a first book of poetry entitled “Prendre ma vie en main” accessible to all at the Acadian publishing house Éditions Perce-Neige inaugurating in this way their all new poetry collection “Poésie / Rafale” dedicated to new poetic writing forms and oral poetry.


Now a member of the Québec union of writers “l’UNEQ” (L’union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois) the artist now masters the art of writing. His creative spirit does not go unnoticed. He gets invited to perform on the stage of some major events where he earns numerous awards. In 2011, he wins a first slam competition at the Throw Poetry Collective, while at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (Toronto) he is the proud representative of Montréal.


In 2012, MC June and his fellow members of the collective Kalmunity are playing to a packed house for three days at the Savoy for the Jazz Festival of Montréal while in 2013, at the Francofolies, MC June performs on stage at the dynamic show of X-Wam, member of the Kalmunity. But it is with his show « Slam ta vie » in October 2013 for the Week-ends de la chanson francophone at the Place des Arts of Montréal that MC June stands out once again.


MC June has the wind in its sails! In November 2013, he goes on tour for two months in western Canada to deliver stage performances and conduct slam workshops. He criss-crosses the roads of our country (Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Windsor, London, Toronto and more). MC June gave over 300 stage performances and conducted over 1 500 workshops in schools, youth centres, seniors’ home and libraries.


His first album “Le Reflet” offers fourteen songs, new poetry and articulated catchy melodies. Released in 2011, in collaboration with artists such as DJ Horg, Fabrice Koffy, Monk-E., to name only a few, the Info-Culture only had good things to say about it: “With this bouquet of themes, sang or recited, one could say that a new slam prodigy is born. A champion of marginality who stands out in his artistic process… MC June is now considered a reference for many other young French slam or rap artists.

MC June loves rime improvisation and collective creation. He is also a good friend of Urban Science.

On stage, this sensitive artist reveals unpretentious vision of the world in poetry.

MC JUNE adds a string to his bow, the guitar. This instrument brings a new flavor to the artist’s performances. 2020, a year of renewal for the poet who sets out to conquer the Eastern Townships. His host village, Austin, allows him to refine his writing, create new material, connect with nature and organize a brand new festival: Slam, Rap, Poetry & Co.

MC JUNE also stands out for his talent in management and artist booking in the Slam world. His experience allows him to climb the ranks in the artistic world.