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  • 30 Oct20

    Slam workshop

    Nicolet Qc

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MC JUNE came and presented this workshop which touched students at the deepest levels, emotionally, as well as instilling a love of words and the creative process. In just 2 hours, MC JUNE raised their confidence, put the students through an experience that was thoroughly destabilizing and subsequently offered them a medium of expression to allow them to release all the emotions experienced during the workshop.

Marie-Claude Joly
Teacher, Techniques d'intervention et loisir
Cégep de Saint-Laurent

"The students began to write poetry at home"

Karine Fillion, teacher,
École alternative des Trois-Sources

Inspired by his personal background, he knows the importance of school perseverance: dropout at age 16, he goes back to school and develops a mastery of the French language that allows him to realize his dreams. Through is conference, which includes a performance as well as a participative portion, MC JUNE discusses about all his passions, his academic and professional background, as well as some stories about his tours, his family and the different ways of seeing success. Through rap, slam, freestyle and storytelling, MC JUNE shows a positive face of self-realization.

Molière, Corneille, and Lafontaine, are they not the well-known names of famous poets past? Today, there is a new generation of poets, deserving of great recognition, known as "slammers". They give a new lease of life to poetry by delivering up-to-date rhymes and wordplay.
This contemporary mode of expression allows everyone to share their experiences, thoughts, or even one's imaginary world. The general idea of this workshop is to give students the tools of expression through poetry that reflects these modern times.
Specifically, participants will, notably, be guided through the process of writing poems and presenting them in front of others.
Writing, improvising, and rhyming games will be used throughout the sessions and give everyone the chance to express themselves. This form of art therapy adapts easily, whether for college students or high school youths.

Note that the organization of a slam show at your establishment or the visit of a profesional musician in your class is optional.

Check out this promotional video for high school and college level workshops!

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